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#RealitySeries – “thoughts of a comedian”

#RealitySeries – “thoughts of a comedian”

Good day friends. Some of us struggle with present day #Reality because we want the ideal outcome.
I’m not an expert in life issues but I’ll share some of my thoughts with you in my #RealitySeries :
1. Guys, please accept the fact that all ladies want the good things that money can provide. So get up and work hard.
2. Ladies, you need to understand that any guy who takes special interests in  you out of the lot, will ask for sex at some point. So prepare your mind.
3. Since both ladies and Gents now know, trade your interests in such a way that both parties are happy in the long run.
4. There is always an option. If you don’t like the situation you find yourself in…..click your delete button.


1. Marriage is a beautiful institution but admission is not compulsory
2. Don’t enter Marriage out of pity or greed, you will fail or drop out
3. Don’t expect the highest standards from your partner that even you may not be able to attain/offer
4.Your Partner is human not an Angel so expect mistakes and prepare to forgive
5. Do not agree to be anybody’s fool for “better or worse” for ever.
6. If it’s ‘sweet’ most times and ‘hurts’ sometimes….it maybe LOVE



If someone does not respect;
1. Your freedom
2. Your Opinion
3. Your Privacy
4. Time
It doesn’t matter what else they give you, the person can’t claim to LOVE you.

Note: Thoughts expressed in this series are mine and is not law.


  • Chukwurah chinedu
    Posted at 22:08h, 11 December Reply

    Mr Okey. After this quick read, you are a certified life guru in my book.
    The design on your website is completely ironed”. Certified crispy design!

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